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Who Is UTech?

  • Veteran owned 

  • Team member, client and outcome oriented 

  • 25 years of information technology experience including executive leadership

  • Experience leading, enabling and supporting small to large global organizations in the public and private sectors which strengthen our diverse cultural understanding and further enhance our ability to deliver successful outcomes at scale


What We Offer
UTech Business Solutions is a veteran owned Business & Technical Consulting firm that supports organizations by providing additional capacity, capabilities and skill sets
that enable them to action business critical initiatives. Our services are high value and we are passionate about the Digital Health experience - We focus on your "Why"!
A strategic partnership with UTech Business Solutions will facilitate a thorough understanding of your business and technology challenges and priorities, the desired future state including near- and long-term goals and the definition and execution of solutions which focus on:

  • Providing competitive advantages

  • Developing sustainable practices that drive consistent business value

  • Ensuring compliant technology ecosystems

  • Securing your business and technology stack

  • Establishing and maintaining instrumentation and observability frameworks and tools that monitor, alert and provide insights into the health and performance of your applications and infrastructure (cloud, on-prem, hybrid)

  • Creating, implementing, integrating and/or maintaining high availability (HA) software that is recoverable from disaster (DR) helping to support business continuity and customer satisfaction

  • Automating software integration, delivery, deployment and testing pipelines to help ensure:

  • Secure, high-quality applications are available to your internal/external customers

  • Increased speed to market

  • Lead and cycle time reduction


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