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We can help your organization with various types and sizes of projects. Our consultants are experts in their field and have worked with many clients to build custom applications, manage projects, provide technical and business analysis, as well as help define business priorities, processes, and strategies.

Legacy System Replacement


There are many organizations with outdated legacy systems that do not meet the current business needs in addition to not being supported by the manufacturer. When this occurs not only is your organization not as efficient as it could be, the budget to maintain that system could be used to implement current technologies. This allows your organization to continue to grow and provide the services needed to outpace your competition. UTech can provide the right solutions for your legacy system replacement.


Process Improvement & Automation


While your current processes may get the job done, UTech can streamline and provide direction where needed to create a more productive workflow. Does your organization have an abundance of paper forms? Are you constantly printing those forms and getting the necessary signatures? Many times there is no need to print forms and get wet signatures. UTech can improve that process by creating online forms which can be directed to the appropriate personnel for digital signing, eliminating the need to print and hand deliver those forms. This improved workflow will save your organization both time and money. 

Vendor Management


Are you working with a vendor, but do not have the resources or bandwidth to manage that relationship? We can manage that relationship to ensure your organization is getting exactly what is expected from the vendor. In addition, we also ensure that the vendor has everything they need to meet your organization's expectations. This is often overlooked when working with a vendor. UTech will make sure all business processes are followed, proper requirements are documented, necessary documentation is provided to all parties, help review RFPs and SOWs, as well as help mitigate risks which may impact project deadlines.

Custom Applications


UTech can develop a custom application to meet the needs of your business. We can help you choose the right technolgoy for your applications which will be financially sustainable as well as scale to your growing and changing business. This type of solution allows the application to change as needed in a more efficient and streamlined manner saving time and money.  UTech custom applications provide your organization a clear path to success by using current tools and technologies to supplement your business needs.



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